Philosophy Of Warm Colors

Philosophy Of Warm Colors

With Fall quickly approaching and cooler weather pushing us indoors more often, why not use color in your home to set the mood you want? Color effects how you feel, you can change energy of a room just by simply changing the color of paint on the walls. Let’s talk warm colors today!



Reds can bring drama to a space. It’s a stimulating color that can range from feeling contemporary to traditional to rustic. Touches of red can warm up a space or use it as the main color for a dramatic touch. Red paint on the walls of your room can also make the space feel more intimated and cozy.


Photo: The Decorista

Pinks can range from light baby pink to bright, saturated fuchsia. Bright pinks can add the feeling of energy and glamour to a space. While light, dusty pinks combined with neutrals can feel very sophisticated.


Photo: House Beautiful

Orange can be intimidating, but it can really add a jolt of energy to your space. Using orange in a kitchen can add warmth and stimulates your appetite. Lighter tones of orange, like apricot or peach tones, can be relaxing. While deeper oranges can be bold and cozy.

“Orange has steadily progressed up the ladder of consumer preferences so there’s a greater appreciationof the color,” says color expert Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of the book Colors for Your Every Mood. “Orange is the child of red and yellow. It gives you the excitement of red, but at the same time, the welcoming, friendly, warm aspect of yellow.”



Yellow is such an uplifting and happy color. It sparks creativity and activates memory…it may be the perfect choice for an office! Muted yellows tend to be more soothing and can be used as a neutral and can make a small room feel larger. Deep yellows accented with grey can add a level of sophistication to your space. Muted golds, mustards and ochres can be a timeless addition to your home.

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