Philosophy Of Cool Colors

Philosophy Of Cool Colors

Last week we talked all about warm colors so this week lets talk cool colors! Cool colors include green, blue, and purple, are often more subdued than warm colors. They are the colors of night, of water, of nature, and are usually calming, relaxing, and somewhat reserved. Let’s talk specifics…


Photo: HouseBeautiful

Blue can encourage efficiency and evokes calmness and peace. Dark, rich tones of blue like sapphire and navy can add a bold punch and drama to a room. Light, airy tones of blue like sky blue or French blues, make a room feel tranquil. Light blues can also help make small rooms feel larger. Thinking outside of the box and painting your kitchen cabinets blue (from a dark navy to a light slate blue) can add interest to your kitchen.



Green is the color of growth and renewal. Using a blue-green tone in a bathroom adds a relaxing spa-like feel. Pump up the drama in a room with an emerald green tone. Depending on how you pair green it can range from light, airy and contemporary to rich, dramatic and organic.



Purple is the color of royalty and creativity! Dark, rich purples like plums and eggplants can bring major drama to room. While lighter lavender tones can add softness and modern feel to a room. Push the color envelope with purple chairs (like in the picture above) and really elevate a formal living space.

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