Top 5 Colors for Kids rooms in 2019

Top 5 Colors for Kids rooms in 2019

What is more exciting than turning a new page for the new year? New colors for your kids’ room! This will definitely have a refreshing boost to your child’s 2019.

This Year’s Color

2019 will be a year of playful and extreme colors according to color experts, some brands are going for metallic and extreme colors while others are going back to natural hues. Here are some fun choices in both directions that can make your kid’s room stand out! Whether you choose a neutral tone that lets their Disney princess obsession take center stage or a bold color that pops against neutral decor, you can’t go wrong if your kiddo is happy at the end of the day!

Here are our top 5 picks for this year:

1. Benjamin Moore – Head Over Heels with Monet

This is the perfect color combination for your little princess bedroom. Try the soft clean pink colors for your walls and a darker mauve hue for your trim. Add some colored curtains to the windows, or put in some artistic contributions from your child to really stand out against this soft pink. This airy light feel is something you won’t get tired of and something she will surely love.

2. Sherwin Williams – Oceanside

If your child likes green and blue, this color is a bold take on aqua. This deep blue/green hue is a vivid pop on the wall or ceiling when paired with white trim. Create a warm and inspiring space that your kid will want to spend time in.

3. Sherwin Williams – Distance

This is the perfect shade of deep blue/grey for your walls. This sun-washed color is the perfect base for layering earth tones or for grounding bold pops of vivid color. Throw in some splashes of color to add brilliance and excitement to their room. This is the year’s new blue.

4. Benjamin Moore – Yellow Highlighter

Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Highlighter 2021-40, is a bold choice that will bring the sunshine into your child’s bedroom. Keep the furnishings simple by adding some blues and whites or neutral tones to get the perfect balance for their space.

5. Benjamin Moore – Pink Damask

Light and airy pink, just like a fairy! Put a coat of this on your child’s wall and throw in some accents with stronger colors to really make them pop! It’s perfectly relaxing and fresh. As your child grows, you can change out the accents and this almost off-white color will grow with her.

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