Best Colors to Paint Your Master Bedroom

Best Colors to Paint Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a space where you retreat from the day, a space that brings you joy, and a space you want to spend time in. This means different things to each person, the most common moods our clients look for are in their master bedrooms are: calming, relaxing and intimate. Here are our top picks for each one. Shades of gray that release the stress of your daily routines, cozy colors that give you a warm feeling and strong vibrant colors for an intimate bedroom.

Calming Colors: Shades of Gray

Gray tints. Benjamin Moore gray tints, like Gray Owl and Edgecomb Gray, allows you to relax and let go of everything. Our minds, like our bodies, need to have that empty space when you don’t have to do anything else to focus on and can focus inward.

Blue-gray. Calm yourself with a blue-gray shade that gives you the freedom to let those accents stand out. Blue-gray gives you a tiny piece of heaven to come home to. A calming space for your body and mind.

Ice Blue. If you like your shampoo with a bit of menthol on it then think of ice blue shades as that same mint therapy in your home. Sherwin Williams Ice Cube 6252 is a great option for this effect.


Cozy Colors:

White and Creamy. Creamy whites can warm-up a space and bring a level of sophistication that is not in any way plain or boring!

Yellow. Think of warm tones like honey, marigold, or peach. These yellow shades can pair well with many different wood tones and really pop against white furniture.

Green. Greens can be fresh and energetic or serene and warm, the right hue can bring an earthy calmness to your bedroom. Think of tones like moss, olive, and sage as tones that will really make your bedroom a place you’ll want to spend time when you get home every day.

Intimate Colors:

Deep Pink. The deep pinks like raspberry and magenta work best as an accent to your room but can overpower a space when used on all the walls. Tone down your deep pinks with neutral colors that let them stand out as bursts of color.

Browns. Browns can be intimate too! Benjamin Moore’s Rust is both sultry and subtle. A bold color for your bedroom emanating strength.

Reds. Reds bring a burst of energy to your bedroom. A traditional symbol of power, red is eye-catching and reaches out to you. Add in neutral accents and voila—your own power infused therapy.


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