What Colors Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger?

What Colors Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger?

Your room doesn’t have to feel small (even if it is). Today, when space is an expensive commodity, making the most out of your living spaces is as important as ever. You can start off by reducing the clutter in your room followed by adding brighter lighting. Reducing dark corners creates a perspective of a wider space.

Another way of making the most of your home’s spaces by replacing large and bulky furniture with smart furniture which function as organization and furniture at the same time. Whether it is at the office or in your home, investing in space-saving coffee tables or sofa can do wonders in making your space feel larger.

To top all these, create a spacey feel with the right colors. Here are the best colors for creating that wide, airy space you’ve always wanted.


You can never go wrong with white. The lack of shadow in pure white color makes the walls look smaller, and a continuous feel for any walls plus the clean vibe it gives off makes you think the room is actually bigger than it really is.


Soft white pink and neutral pinks is a great option if pure white looks to stark for you. Benjamin Moore’s Light Quartz 2011-7 is a good pink shade for just this occasion.

Photo: BenjaminMoore.com

Light Blue-Green

Light blue-green shades like Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue HC-144 bring in the feeling of being at the ocean. Darker shades of green can also create depth in your space creating the illusion and expectation of more space.

Photo: BenjaminMoore.com

Egg-shell White

This shade of white is reflective in a way that creates the illusion of a bigger space. Remember the darker you go with colors the more light they absorb thereby making the space look more cramped. A good way to use darker colors is with white tones to create depth.

Consider whites and neutrals if your room is in an area of your house that gets lots of light. If you have a room that does not get a lot of light, darker hues will work best for those instances.

Deep Navy

Match your furniture color with dark hues. This blurs the line between your furniture and your walls making an illusion of continuous lines. The more break there is in the color, the smaller your space will look.


This color creates a hue that adds coziness to a space. Use it with neutrals or lighter shades. Create cozy nooks in your home by using dark colors in combination with lighter colors.

Create depth with colors in your room, by using dark and bold colors with neutrals and off-white shades. Get it right by consulting with your professional house painting services providers.

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