What Are The Best Colors To Paint Your Kitchen?

What Are The Best Colors To Paint Your Kitchen?

If you are looking for that fresh feel, whether it is a new recipe or new kitchen gadget you’ve been wanting to try, you might also want to consider freshening up the entire kitchen with a new color!

Breathe a new life into the kitchen and improve the energy. You’ll be surprised at how a small change in color can have a great effect in this sometimes ignored corner of the home. Enjoy your kitchen time with your family, friends or as your own personal therapy. Spruce up your kitchen to add a new energy to your home that you can enjoy every day.

Have you decided on a color yet? Check out our top picks for kitchen colors here.

Grey is Your Canvas

Neutral colors allow you to play around with strong accent colors. Grey is not a boring color, it is an artist’s canvas. Add in bursts colors that will be sure to stand out against the sophisticated base of grey.

Photo: Elledecor.com

Blue is Clean and Crisp

Blue can be a crisp color for your kitchen. Its clean vibe adds to a feeling of open spaces. Tone down your blue color with neutral hues or off-white colors.

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Yellow is Hungry

Get your tummies growling with a hint of sunshine. Yellow stimulates the palate and gives you that hungry appetite. Yellow is fantastic when paired with neutral colors. This is the perfect mood lifter especially in winter months around the PNW. Just imagine stepping into your home and seeing your own piece of sunshine.

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Emerald Green

Feeling adventurous? Try bringing green into your kitchen. As always, whenever you are using a darker and stronger color make sure to use neutrals to keep the light and bright feel. Combining dark greens with white tones give beautiful results.

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Red is for Appetite

Red is an appetite stimulating color! Make your kitchen extra appetizing by bringing in red on your walls.

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Consider your countertop and cabinet color when thinking of designs. If you are not remodeling your kitchen, then take into consideration the elements you have in place before selecting a wall color. If you are painting your cabinets as well as the walls, we can help you make sure the colors coordinate and will compliment each other to deliver an amazing result in your space.

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