Best Exterior Paint Colors

The sun is out in the Pacific Northwest and we are full steam ahead on exterior painting projects for our clients. There are so many paint color options, we know choosing the right one for the exterior of your home can be overwhelming. We have put together a list of the top exterior paint colors choices here in the PNW to add beautiful curb appeal to your home.

Classic Greige

Blend in with nature using tones that lean towards the gray side of beige.

Color: Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Gray

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Mossy Green

Dare to stand out with a beautiful green tone.

Color: Benjamin Moore Wethersfield Moss

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Stormy Gray

The gray trend is not going anywhere, and it’s a great base to pair with a pop of color on the front door or shutters.

Color: Benjamin Moore Shaker Gray

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Deep Blues:

One of the most popular colors for both interiors and exteriors right now is Navy blue, the deep tone looks really fresh with classic white trim.

Color: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

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Sunny Yellow:

Make a statement without being the crazy house on your street! Yellow tones make a bold statement with this joyful tone.

Color: Benjamin Moore Weston Flax

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If you are thinking this is the year to freshen up the paint on the outside of your home, book an estimate today!

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In our last blog post we brought you the top 5 Dark Gray Colors For A Timeless Look, and now we are diving into the top 5 Light Gray colors. In our many years of painting, we get the question “what are the best gray tones to use” from our clients. We have rounded up our top picks from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore (the best quality paint and our brands of choice)…

Graytint – Benjamin Moore

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Magnetic Gray – Sherwin Williams

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Barren Plain – Benjamin Moore

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Passive Gray – Sherwin Williams

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Silver Chain – Benjamin Moore

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Top 5 Dark Gray Paint Colors For a Timeless Look

The trend of gray paint has been happening for about 8 years now and it’s still going strong. We have worked on many projects over the years and get this question from a lot of our clients…what are the best (or most popular) gray tones to choose? With that, we have broken it down to our 5 favorite dark gray colors and our 5 favorite light gray colors (stay tuned for that in 2 weeks)! We only you the best quality paint from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, so our top picks come for those lines of paint.

Kendall Gray – Benjamin Moore

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Serious Gray – Sherwin Williams

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Iron Mountain – Benjamin Moore

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Grizzle Gray – Sherwin Williams

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Cheating Heart – Benjamin Moore

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What Colors You Should Paint The Interior of Your House to Sell It

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to put an emphasis on the home being a refuge from the rambunctious world. It must be a place where the family can retreat and relax after a tiring day from the office, or from school. To put it simply, when a potential home buyer walks through your house, the interior painting of the house should attract them to purchase the property, and not to repel them from buying. There are a few basic things to consider in choosing the colors for the interior of a house if you want to get the best valuation from selling your home.

Your potential buyers may have some furniture that they will be bringing along with them, should they make the decision to purchase your home, so make no mistake in choosing the paint colors for your living room walls. It should not just feel inviting but also exude character. Be playful but stylish with the neutral tones for the living room. You can never go wrong with muted beiges, light gray tones, pale taupe, and oatmeal. The only time you should consider using plain white for the walls, is when you know your potential buyer has multi-colored couches, rugs, decors, etc.

The best inspiration for choosing your color scheme for the kitchen is to think about the fresh veggies of your favorite local store. Your focus on the choice of kitchen paint colors should not just be for aesthetic purposes but also take into account that this is where you’re supposed to be cooking and preparing your meals. Go for light colors so that they will reflect brightness in the room. You might want to do light olive, warm beiges, soft blues, and blue-gray tones. Even try terra-cotta, and dusty pinks as well. Whites can work great in kitchens giving your cabinetry, backsplash, countertops and lighting the spotlight.

While you might want the bedrooms to look trendy, still go for tones that will make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable. Earth tones never go out of style. Take your pick from a variety of hues like forest green, cerulean blue, clay, and gray-blue. These tones not only give you a sense of tranquility while you’re enjoying your forty winks, or your deep slumber, they also evoke a sense of elegance. Give your bedrooms timeless appeal by applying colors that are gender-neutral by doing earthy tones.

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A bathroom is a luxurious oasis at the end, or the beginning of each day for many people. You might want to do light colors like shades of light or gray blues, earthy browns, and cinnamons in this part of the house. As always, you can do neutral shades like beige and taupe, and even cream. If you have a bathroom that has minimal or no natural lighting, you can go for light colors like soft greens, pearl gray, and icy blue.

Photo Credit: HGTV Dream Home 2019

If you want your home to be off the market as soon as possible and get top dollar, you’d have to take note that choosing quality paint, and a keen eye for the best tones, will go a long way.

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What Colors You Should Paint Your House If You’re Selling

You certainly don’t want your home expiring on a realtor’s listing sheet by having just minimal, or worse, no showing requests because it looks dull and shabby on the outside, unless you just want to test the real estate market. Getting a fresh coat of paint for your house with the right hues before selling, not only potentially increases your home valuation, but may also take your house off the market at full asking price before you can even bat an eyelash.

In a study done by Zillow in 2018, the color “greige” has become increasingly a paint color of choice. Homes with this trendy color netted an average of $3,496 more than the usual price. It’s a color scheme that’s somewhere between gray and beige. Paint experts, home buyers, and realtors alike, have all noted a pattern when it comes to getting houses quickly off the market with the combination of the right exterior paint colors. It’s common that homes with fresh neutral paint colors that complement the roof, have always attracted more buyers into purchasing because aside from looking clean and inviting, it also evokes a feeling that the home has been well-maintained. Choose a lighter shade on the exterior walls, and a darker one on the roof, or shingles.

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Another thing to consider in choosing exterior paints for your home, is to make sure you don’t violate any required color scheme of your HOA/ROA (Homeowner’s Association), or any existing guidelines of the neighborhood. You certainly don’t want to run the risk of your house standing out for the wrong reasons if your ultimate goal is to sell. You don’t want it to look like an abstract mess in the middle of a beautiful suburb. You attract more potential buyers if you opt for neutral shades (with even catchy names as these!) like taupe green, off-white, creamy latte, nimbus gray, cloud white – to name a few. You might also want to skip the idea of copying your next-door neighbor’s paint scheme if you want to avoid looking like a typical row housing project from a tropical country.

The color of your door should also stand out. Select a darker hue then the rest of the exterior. Go for a solid tone like black, or a darker shade of gray that would highlight the entrance of your cozy abode. You can never go wrong with neutrals, and a complementary color matching with the trims (or the roof). They tend to act like a “come inside, and buy me” signal from the outside, just like a perfect picture of any buyer’s dream home.

Photo credit: Sherwin-Williams Facebook

Leave your bright-colored fantasies to your imagination but not on the exteriors of your house unless your end goal is to make it look like a preschooler’s first coloring project, or a house fit for a funny caption on a social media post. Since your goal is to list the property and get it sold, make sure you’re choosing the right colors before putting your home up for sale.

What Are The Best Colors To Paint Your Kitchen?

If you are looking for that fresh feel, whether it is a new recipe or new kitchen gadget you’ve been wanting to try, you might also want to consider freshening up the entire kitchen with a new color!

Breathe a new life into the kitchen and improve the energy. You’ll be surprised at how a small change in color can have a great effect in this sometimes ignored corner of the home. Enjoy your kitchen time with your family, friends or as your own personal therapy. Spruce up your kitchen to add a new energy to your home that you can enjoy every day.

Have you decided on a color yet? Check out our top picks for kitchen colors here.

Grey is Your Canvas

Neutral colors allow you to play around with strong accent colors. Grey is not a boring color, it is an artist’s canvas. Add in bursts colors that will be sure to stand out against the sophisticated base of grey.


Blue is Clean and Crisp

Blue can be a crisp color for your kitchen. Its clean vibe adds to a feeling of open spaces. Tone down your blue color with neutral hues or off-white colors.


Yellow is Hungry

Get your tummies growling with a hint of sunshine. Yellow stimulates the palate and gives you that hungry appetite. Yellow is fantastic when paired with neutral colors. This is the perfect mood lifter especially in winter months around the PNW. Just imagine stepping into your home and seeing your own piece of sunshine.


Emerald Green

Feeling adventurous? Try bringing green into your kitchen. As always, whenever you are using a darker and stronger color make sure to use neutrals to keep the light and bright feel. Combining dark greens with white tones give beautiful results.


Red is for Appetite

Red is an appetite stimulating color! Make your kitchen extra appetizing by bringing in red on your walls.


Consider your countertop and cabinet color when thinking of designs. If you are not remodeling your kitchen, then take into consideration the elements you have in place before selecting a wall color. If you are painting your cabinets as well as the walls, we can help you make sure the colors coordinate and will compliment each other to deliver an amazing result in your space.

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What Colors Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger?

Your room doesn’t have to feel small (even if it is). Today, when space is an expensive commodity, making the most out of your living spaces is as important as ever. You can start off by reducing the clutter in your room followed by adding brighter lighting. Reducing dark corners creates a perspective of a wider space.

Another way of making the most of your home’s spaces by replacing large and bulky furniture with smart furniture which function as organization and furniture at the same time. Whether it is at the office or in your home, investing in space-saving coffee tables or sofa can do wonders in making your space feel larger.

To top all these, create a spacey feel with the right colors. Here are the best colors for creating that wide, airy space you’ve always wanted.


You can never go wrong with white. The lack of shadow in pure white color makes the walls look smaller, and a continuous feel for any walls plus the clean vibe it gives off makes you think the room is actually bigger than it really is.


Soft white pink and neutral pinks is a great option if pure white looks to stark for you. Benjamin Moore’s Light Quartz 2011-7 is a good pink shade for just this occasion.


Light Blue-Green

Light blue-green shades like Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue HC-144 bring in the feeling of being at the ocean. Darker shades of green can also create depth in your space creating the illusion and expectation of more space.


Egg-shell White

This shade of white is reflective in a way that creates the illusion of a bigger space. Remember the darker you go with colors the more light they absorb thereby making the space look more cramped. A good way to use darker colors is with white tones to create depth.

Consider whites and neutrals if your room is in an area of your house that gets lots of light. If you have a room that does not get a lot of light, darker hues will work best for those instances.

Deep Navy

Match your furniture color with dark hues. This blurs the line between your furniture and your walls making an illusion of continuous lines. The more break there is in the color, the smaller your space will look.


This color creates a hue that adds coziness to a space. Use it with neutrals or lighter shades. Create cozy nooks in your home by using dark colors in combination with lighter colors.

Create depth with colors in your room, by using dark and bold colors with neutrals and off-white shades. Get it right by consulting with your professional house painting services providers.

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Best Colors to Paint Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a space where you retreat from the day, a space that brings you joy, and a space you want to spend time in. This means different things to each person, the most common moods our clients look for are in their master bedrooms are: calming, relaxing and intimate. Here are our top picks for each one. Shades of gray that release the stress of your daily routines, cozy colors that give you a warm feeling and strong vibrant colors for an intimate bedroom.

Calming Colors: Shades of Gray

Gray tints. Benjamin Moore gray tints, like Gray Owl and Edgecomb Gray, allows you to relax and let go of everything. Our minds, like our bodies, need to have that empty space when you don’t have to do anything else to focus on and can focus inward.

Blue-gray. Calm yourself with a blue-gray shade that gives you the freedom to let those accents stand out. Blue-gray gives you a tiny piece of heaven to come home to. A calming space for your body and mind.

Ice Blue. If you like your shampoo with a bit of menthol on it then think of ice blue shades as that same mint therapy in your home. Sherwin Williams Ice Cube 6252 is a great option for this effect.


Cozy Colors:

White and Creamy. Creamy whites can warm-up a space and bring a level of sophistication that is not in any way plain or boring!

Yellow. Think of warm tones like honey, marigold, or peach. These yellow shades can pair well with many different wood tones and really pop against white furniture.

Green. Greens can be fresh and energetic or serene and warm, the right hue can bring an earthy calmness to your bedroom. Think of tones like moss, olive, and sage as tones that will really make your bedroom a place you’ll want to spend time when you get home every day.

Intimate Colors:

Deep Pink. The deep pinks like raspberry and magenta work best as an accent to your room but can overpower a space when used on all the walls. Tone down your deep pinks with neutral colors that let them stand out as bursts of color.

Browns. Browns can be intimate too! Benjamin Moore’s Rust is both sultry and subtle. A bold color for your bedroom emanating strength.

Reds. Reds bring a burst of energy to your bedroom. A traditional symbol of power, red is eye-catching and reaches out to you. Add in neutral accents and voila—your own power infused therapy.


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Top 5 Colors for Kids rooms in 2019

What is more exciting than turning a new page for the new year? New colors for your kids’ room! This will definitely have a refreshing boost to your child’s 2019.

This Year’s Color

2019 will be a year of playful and extreme colors according to color experts, some brands are going for metallic and extreme colors while others are going back to natural hues. Here are some fun choices in both directions that can make your kid’s room stand out! Whether you choose a neutral tone that lets their Disney princess obsession take center stage or a bold color that pops against neutral decor, you can’t go wrong if your kiddo is happy at the end of the day!

Here are our top 5 picks for this year:

1. Benjamin Moore – Head Over Heels with Monet

This is the perfect color combination for your little princess bedroom. Try the soft clean pink colors for your walls and a darker mauve hue for your trim. Add some colored curtains to the windows, or put in some artistic contributions from your child to really stand out against this soft pink. This airy light feel is something you won’t get tired of and something she will surely love.

2. Sherwin Williams – Oceanside

If your child likes green and blue, this color is a bold take on aqua. This deep blue/green hue is a vivid pop on the wall or ceiling when paired with white trim. Create a warm and inspiring space that your kid will want to spend time in.

3. Sherwin Williams – Distance

This is the perfect shade of deep blue/grey for your walls. This sun-washed color is the perfect base for layering earth tones or for grounding bold pops of vivid color. Throw in some splashes of color to add brilliance and excitement to their room. This is the year’s new blue.

4. Benjamin Moore – Yellow Highlighter

Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Highlighter 2021-40, is a bold choice that will bring the sunshine into your child’s bedroom. Keep the furnishings simple by adding some blues and whites or neutral tones to get the perfect balance for their space.

5. Benjamin Moore – Pink Damask

Light and airy pink, just like a fairy! Put a coat of this on your child’s wall and throw in some accents with stronger colors to really make them pop! It’s perfectly relaxing and fresh. As your child grows, you can change out the accents and this almost off-white color will grow with her.

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019

In December every year, Pantone chooses one color for the following year that they feel sets the tone (pun intended) for trends in the upcoming year. This year Pantone chose, drum roll, please…. Living Coral!

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They describe the color as an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. This color is going to show up in all forms throughout 2019 including interior decor, fashion and accessory design, product design and more.

So why did Pantone choose Living Coral? There’s something about the color that feels earthbound and welcoming, optimistic and intimate. And those are the exact reason’s Living coral is so applicable in the home and design space.

“Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers, craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living coral hit a responsive chord.” – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

Here are some ways to incorporate the color into your home with paint:

Photo source:

Photo source: Sherwin Williams

Coral isn’t the only trend Pantone is predicting for 2019 in interior design. Pantone chose two color palettes with home decor in mind. ”With more choices than ever before, it is essential for home furnishings and interiors brands and designers to connect with their consumers and deliver the themes, palettes, and colors that engage and stimulate beyond the surface,” says Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

Will you be incorporating any of these color trends into your home decorating in 2019?

Have a question about the colors and if they will work in your home? Schedule an estimate and a color consultation to see if these colors are right for your space.

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