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Stain Work

The great Pacific Northwest is known for its weather. The elements can take a real toll on your beautiful wooden features. Protect your investment by maintaining a top-quality stain. Our specialized team knows how to defend your property from the rain and the sun. The life of your deck, railing, carport, and siding can all be extended with proper maintenance and staining. Our knowledgeable crew will begin all exterior staining jobs by power washing the area to be stained. This will allow us to properly prep and clean the wooden surface for staining. A properly prepared area will retain a high-quality stain much longer than a surface that is not. If your staining project is interior, the same attention to detail will be made in the project preparation. Whether it is your stair railing, banister, cabinets, or millwork, our team can handle it all.

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He did a detailed job and I am very pleased with the outcome. Brad’s customer service and job quality was outstanding! He and his team were polite, respectful, on time, friendly, very accommodating and helpful with contractor scheduling, color changes and my many other little requests through the process. I highly recommend them for any painting you need done. I look forward to working with them again painting the exterior of our home this summer.
Review by Jim & Tracy M. 5.0 | 02-27-2012 Interior & Exterior Painting Client

Frequently Asked Questions about Stain Work

What can I expect when you stain my project?

Staining can be a big project. We understand that working in and around your home can be disruptive to your daily routine. That is why we take every opportunity to complete your project in a timely manner and to the best of our ability. We will work with your schedule to perform the work when it is most convenient for you. We also strive to leave no trace in our projects by fully masking, taping, and draping your home for all painting and staining projects.

How long will it take to stain my project?

Though it depends on the size and complexity of the job, on average we can complete most small interior and exterior project within a day. Some larger whole house projects or big exterior project may take 2-3 days to complete.

How often should I stain my deck?

With a top-quality stain and the proper preparation by our professionals, your newly stained deck should last 2-3 years.

What type of stain do you use?

We only use top of the line product from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. During your free estimate, Brad will walk you through the deciding factors on selecting the appropriate stain for the job.

What should I do to prepare for the estimate?

To prepare for your free estimate, make a list of the areas you would like to address. Though we do not offer color advice, we do work with a wonderful interior designer who can help provide a palette that works with your home.

What should I do to prepare for staining?

If you are staining an exterior space such as a deck you will want to begin by removing all items and tucking them away for the duration of the project. Our team will walk you through any specific preparations that will be needed for your project.